An avid triathlete, a die-hard fan of trail-running, a weekend paddle-boarder, someone who likes to take a long walk while catching up with friends. Pick any label you like, but put simply, I love to move. And in a world that confines most people to sedentary lifestyles, I crave the novelty, the energy, and the creativity that comes along with movement.

This chronicles my adventures, some related to movement (The Time I Ate a Pound of Dark Chocolate. And Then Ran Like a Kenyan), some not (The Time I Pretended to Faint in Front of a Congressional Committee).

Washington D.C. is the place I call home. You can also find me on TwitterInstagram or Snapchat.

Shoutout to Amy Emily of Amy Emily Photography for taking this great shot during a Georgetown stroll. Follower her on Instagram