Philosophical Pontificating:

What British Drivers Can Teach Us About Sticking to Our Ideals

How a Soap Sculpture Contest Can Teach Us to Avoid Cynicism

My Reaction to Last Night’s Election Results

Movement Expert Interviews:

Crista Scott of Dirtbag Runners: Happiness Through Flow and Spirituality

Ultrarunner Travis Fitzgerald: Using Movement to Surprise Yourself; Mind, Body and Soul

Lynda Flower: Movement as a Pathway to Peak Performance, Flow & Spirituality

Intern Items:

The Time I Pretended to Faint in Front of a Congressional Committee

The Time I Became the Most Unique Intern

The Time I Worked for a Woman Who Loved Animal Print

The Time I Missed Work and No One Noticed

Healthy Habits:

The Time I Got Free Salad Because I Ate So Much Salad

The Time I Ate a Pound of Dark Chocolate. And Then Ran Like a Kenyan.

The Time I Ate Lettuce and Passed Out in the Library

The Time I Took a Kickboxing Class and Couldn’t Walk for a Week

The Time I Made My Friends Eat Pizza and Run 4 Miles